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The success story of a small business

In 2011, while visiting his home in Italy, our founder was perplexed by the difference in coffee taste between his morning go-to cafè in the small village of Tortoreto and the coffee consumed in his home away from home in Dubai. Having checked the labels of coffee used, he was shocked to see that quality is lost in translation for different markets under the same brands.

His mission began. A costly mission to get the true Italian coffee taste to everyone, everywhere, in the comfort of their home.
When we say coffee is not just a beverage, we mean three years spent on research and development to perfect blends under the all-seeing eye of certified coffee experts. We mean countless investments, day and nights spent to perfect each of our products' taste and make sure they are what experts define as excellent.

Our result is a complex process which is based on MONA techniques and procedures and of course Bondie's unique coffee taste.

Every single step of our production process follows 7 of the strictest health European standards which allowed our production center to remain operational even in the peak of a global pandemic.

When we say excellence, we act on it. We hope you enjoy our coffee representing our long and relentless mission. From an idea to a real-life dream, now shared with you.

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